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The Witch Who Stayed a Dragon

The Witch Who Stayed a Dragon

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Shopping for ingredients for the shop the Witch’s Cupboard at the Occult and Natural Wonders Trade Show leads proprietor Sarah to more than bargains.

Sarah loves her role as proprietor of the Witch’s Cupboard, supplying the witches in the city with all their spell-casting needs.

But sourcing ingredients proves to be a challenge in the spring, until the Occult and Natural Wonders Trade Show. The perfect place to find all manner of ingredients, from eye of newt to dirt from graveyards.

Replenishing her stock promises to bring more customers, especially in the slow springtime season.

So when her assistant Helena suggests they stop at the familiars’ booth, Sarah thinks nothing of it. Helena needs to replace her own familiar, after all.

Until later at the shop when Sarah’s boxes of ordered supplies are delivered.

Including one with smoke curling around the edges.

What the pentagram can Sarah do with a dragon?

Join Sarah as she solves her dilemma in The Witch Who Stayed a Dragon, a contemporary fantasy story.

Part of A Diversity of Dragons, an Uncollected Anthology.

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