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Life At the Crossroad

Life At the Crossroad

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Being a seventh level faerie princess never prepared Maeve Hemlock for life in Crossroad City.

Crossroad City, nestled at the junction of the Great Tear, a rip between dimensions exposing the magical Nether Realm to the normal world, where faerie Maeve Hemlock, lead detective in the Spells and Misdemeanours Bureau, fights to keep law and magic in check to save all.

In these six tales, Maeve responds to a routine report of an unauthorized spell, identifies the body of a faerie found dead in the human world, investigates the remains of a human liver containing magical residue, tracks the killer of a werewolf, searches for someone trying to poison the Holly King, and tries to stop the Wild Hunt from destroying the city.

​​​​​​​Visit the strange world of Crossroad City, where magic and the normal world collide. And where detective Maeve Hemlock and the Spells and Misdemeanours Bureau struggle to keep the law and the magic in check to save all.

(Includes: Tear Away, The Body Plot, To Each Her Own, Red in the Hood, Holly vs Oak, and Take a Walk on the Wild Side.)

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